Wizardy jQuery Builder

Wizardy jQuery Builder

Building jQuery codes for Webflow easily and quickly.

A tool by Timothy Ricks. With this tool, you choose the trigger you want to use. Is it a click trigger? Hover in? or anything jQuery supported. You can also set the target by class name, id, the parent, the sibling, and the children.


Free. Consider subscrube to his Patreon


Webflow is a visual web development used by companies like Zendesk, Rakuten, Dell, Discord, and Github.

  • Custom Website

    Create a professional website with faster development than manual coding. Want to go to market quickly? Choose a template, and we can customize it for you.

  • Zero Maintenance

    You don't need to monitor the backend, security, regular backup, and uptime. Webflow got your back. Save more times. Save more money.

  • Powerful Editor

    Want to edit the page? Just edit directly on it. Adding a new collection item (E.g., a blog post) is as easy as filling out a form. We also provide tutorials as needed.



Client-First is a set of guidelines and strategies for developing Webflow-Powered websites in a clear and scalable way. Built and managed by Finsweet.

  • Well documented

    Reference for you to understand better about the system.

  • Clean and Organized

    Helps onboard you to the new marketing-friendly Webflow website.

  • Future Development

    With the clear guidelines, it's expected to use the same system leading to a consistent build.